M.A.C.S. Basic Rifle     Madden NFL 94              Madden NFL 95


Madden NFL 96               Madden NFL 97             Madden NFL 98

 Magic Boy                   Magic Johnson's Super      Magic Sword

                                   Super Slam Dunk

The Magical Quest            Mario is Missing!           Mario Paint

Starring Mickey Mouse,


Mario's Early Years           Mario's Early Years      Mario's Early Years

Fun With Letters               Fun With Numbers       Preschool Fun

Marios Time Machine      Mark Davis The             Marvel Super Heroes

                                     Fishing Master             War of the Gems

Mary Shelley's                  Mask, The                   Math Blaster Episode 1



Maui Mallard in                Mecarobot Golf           Mechearrior

Cold Sadow

Mechwarrior 3050           Mega Man 7                 Mega Man x

Mega Man X 2                Mega Man X 3              Mega Man Soccer


Metal Combat                Metal Marines               Metal Morph

Falcon's Revenge

Metal Warriors               Michael Andretti's          Michael Jordan Chaos in the

                                    Indy Car Challenge         Windy City


Mickey Mania                  Mickey's Playtown         Mickey's Ultimate Challenge 

                                      Adventure A day of 



Micro Machines                Might & Magic - Isles of   Might Max


 Mighty Morphin Power   Mighty Morphin Power      Mighty Morphin Power  

Rangers                        Rangers Fighting Edition   Rangers The Movie

Miracle the Piano             MLBPA Baseball            MoHawk & Headphone Jack

Teaching System

Monopoly                        Monstania                      Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2             Mortal Kombat 3               Mountain Bike Rally


Mr. Do!                           Mr. Nutz                         Ms. Pac-Man

Musya                             Mutant Chronicles - Doom Tropers