Pac Atack                      Pack in time                   Pac Man 2 - The new adventure

Pacifc Theater of               Pacifc Theater of          Packy & Marlon

Operations                       Operations II

Pagemaster, The            Paladin's Quest              Paper Boy 2

Peace Keepers, The     Pebble Beach Golf          PGA European Tour

PGA Tour 96                  PGA Tour Golf             Phalanx - Enforce Fighter - A 144

Phanton 2040                Pieces                         Pilotwings

Pinball Dreams              Pinball Fantasies         Pink Goes to Hollywood

Pinochio                        Pirates of Dark Water   Pit-Fighter

Pitfall the Mayan           Plok                            Pocky & RockY


Pocky $ Rocky 2          Populous                       Porky Pigs - Haunted Holiday

Power Drive                  Power Stinct                  Power Moves

Power Pigs of the          Power Rangers Zeo        Prehistorik Man

Dark Age                      Batle Racers


Primal Rage                  Prince of Persia             Prince of Persia 2

Pro Quarter Back          Pro Sport Hockey            Pushover